This Weekend’s Top Five is for Theatre Lovers

This Weekend's Top Five List March 24 - 26, 2017 If you love theater, this weekend's Top 5 List is for you. Pennsylvania's Americana Region is bursting with theatrical activities. You'll find an assortment of happenings that include children's theater, community...

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Shoofly Pie, a PA Dutch Treat

Wet bottom or dry? Shoofly or shoo fly? Shoofly pie is a traditional PA Dutch dessert whose key ingredient is molasses. The more popular, wet bottom version has a soft, gooey center while the dry bottom recipe renders a dense, cake-like texture. While folks in...

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Here Today, Gone Ash Wednesday

Here Today, Gone Ash Wednesday! Fastnacht (faust nut) Day is a most anticipated day in Pennsylvania’s Americana Region. It falls on Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday, and is our version of Fat Tuesday. Instead of parades with floats and beads, our...

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Valentine’s Day Made Easy

Dare I say it? Valentine's Day is almost here. No need to go into a tailspin, or scramble for date ideas. There are tons of fun, and imaginative ways to spend romantic times in Pennsylvania's Americana Region on Valentine's Day, and all year long. First of all, an...

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Meet Sam Schmidthuber

Meet Sam Schmidthuber by Dave Kline It's fun to think of the warmer months ahead, and the many musical performances in Pennsylvania's Americana Region throughout spring and summer. Read about a talented, young musician you can hear in our region this June. One of...

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A PA Dutch Treat, Chicken & Waffles

PA Dutch Treat, Chicken & Waffles Learn a little of the history behind this favorite dish. During the cold, damp months of winter, there is nothing like a stick-to-your-ribs dinner, like many of the meals we enjoy in Pennsylvania’s American Region. One of our...

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